Weekly Roar

01 Nov 2021


As of Monday, 11/01 at 8am, the CMT is aware of 16 positive PCRs currently among GIS students and staff.


Continuous Learning Pictures | mkennedy@gisthailand.org

The elementary yearbook needs your pictures!  Please send high-quality pictures of your child learning at home to mkennedy@gisthailand.org.  These can be pictures of them reading in unusual places, on a video call with their teacher, doing math with their pet, playing PE games outside, playing a musical instrument, etc.  Look for your picture in this year’s yearbook!

Elementary Calendar Changes | elementary.office@gisthailand.org

  • November 11 & 12 – normal school days
    (Parent-Teacher Conferences will be during Quarter 3).
  • LIFT Week has been rescheduled for January 31 – February 4
    (chapel every day -except Wednesday- with a special speaker/dramas)

Continuous Learning Attendance | elementary.attendance@gisthailand.org

During this time of Continuous Learning, an attendance form is sent to all elementary families every Friday morning.  We appreciate your assistance in helping us keep our attendance records as accurate as possible.


Continuous Learning Continues | secondary.office@gisthailand.org

Teachers will have weekly checklists posted in their Google Classrooms by 9am this morning. Advisory Groups start @ 11am today. Live session classes are Monday to Thursday afternoons. 

Materials from Campus | secondary.office@gisthailand.org 

Secondary Students: If you need to come on campus to pick up necessary items from your locker, please reach out to secondary.office@gisthailand.org to schedule a time. Only the student will be allowed on campus. Please do not show up at the guardhouse unannounced. 

Parent Teacher Conferences | secondary.office@gisthailand.org 

Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for November 22 on campus. Watch next week’s announcement on how to sign up. If you are uncomfortable with in-person conferences and want to talk to your child(ren)’s teachers, reach out to those teachers directly to schedule a video call for another time. 

Attendance | attendance@gisthailand.org 

Attendance will be taken in Advisory and all scheduled live classes (communicated on teacher weekly checklists). Please email attendance@gisthailand.org to report an absence during Continuous Learning. If a student is unable to attend any live lessons or unable to complete the week’s coursework for any reason, email attendance@gisthailand.org.  In your email include which classes a student will be missing (see live lessons schedule HERE) and the reason for being absent. See CL Handbook and PSMO Handbook for more info on attendance. 

Reserve Your 2021-22 Yearbook by November 12 | gkauffman@gisthailand.org 

The yearbook staff is offering a pre-sale of the 2021-22 Yearbook, which will be released in May of 2022.

Why should you order your yearbook(s) now?  Because the price will increase later!

Pre-order Price: 1200 THB
Release Price: 1500 THB
Pre-order due November 12th!
Order Your Copy Here

Graduations Caps and Gowns | counselor@gisthailand.org 

Parents of 12th graders: Measurements for graduation caps and gowns are today! Your student will have received an email with a link to the Form he/she needs to complete and submit no later than November 3. These measurements are needed: head circumference and height in centimeters and approximate weight in kilograms. There will be a 500B non-refundable rental fee collected at a later date.  

The Tan Chin Tuan Senior Excellence Scholarships for GIS 11th-grade Students | counselor@gisthailand.org 

GIS in partnership with the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation of Singapore seeks to promote and reward educational excellence in academics, athletics, leadership/community service, and the fine arts. These scholarships offered to juniors are based on a combination of excellence in areas of education, student essay, teacher recommendations, and financial need. The scholarship application opened October 21 and ends December 17, 2021. 11th graders received an email with application details on October 21.

Continuous Learning Tips for Parents | secondary.office@gisthailand.org

Suggestions for parents to engage their child(ren) during Continuous Learning (Continuous Learning Handbook):

  • Have you made a schedule for the week based on scheduled class times and Advisory?
  • Tell me about your live classes…
  • Are you using your checklists to track your progress?
  • What class work might you be avoiding?
  • Tell me about what you accomplished for school today…
  • Are you communicating with teachers when you need to? (suggest office hours) Asking for help or clarification?


Spiritual Life Podcast | spirituallife@gisthailand.org

Madde Mauck and Jack Meckfessel in the Spiritual Life Department are hosting a new podcast called Getting There with Jack and Madde. This week’s episode (released on Friday, Oct. 29) is a conversation around the question How do I know if I am a Christian? Available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Connect and Pray with Us | spirituallife@gisthailand.org

We know how hard it has been for students and families in this season. If you or your student would like to process with us and pray with us, we would love to schedule a time! Please email us through our Spiritual Life email. 

Resources for Students’ Faith Journeys| spirituallife@gisthailand.org

We’ve made some guided reflections available to help students connect with Jesus. They can find these resources on our Spiritual Life Website under “Student Tools.”


This Week in Athletics | athletics@gisthailand.org

Monday, Nov. 1

Nic’s Night — with every order, a percentage of your bill will be donated to Grace Athletics AND you will receive a free Lime Mint Honey Mocktail! 

Tuesday, Nov. 2

Nic’s Night — with every order, a percentage of your bill will be donated to Grace Athletics AND you will receive a free Lime Mint Honey Mocktail! 

Season 2

As of right now, season 2 will be postponed indefinitely. We don’t have much information, but we will let you know as soon as we do! Thank you so much for your understanding and flexibility. 

If you’re interested in coaching Season 2 & 3 sports this year (or becoming an assistant coach), please let us know by filling out this form! https://forms.gle/SXSCLnjmXtu1DLhGA