Weekly Roar

1 June 2022


COVID Vaccines | nurse@gisthailand.org
If your student gets a COVID vaccine over the summer, please email a copy of the paperwork to nurse@gisthailand.org.


Elementary Report Cards | elementary.office@gisthailand.org
Elementary report cards will be emailed to parents during the first week of June. Have a great summer!

2021-2022 RECAP

Before we officially say goodbye to 2021-2022, here’s a small recap of how the school year went.

Our ‘First Day In Person at School’ was back in September, 2021.


 Secondary had their ‘Art Chapel’ showcasing the students’ inspiration in February.

We can’t miss our ‘International Week’ and ‘Secondary’s Tiger Pride Week’. 
It was the entire GIS community’s effort that brought this together.


In March, Elementary had their ‘Annual Book Parade’ and were dressed in their favorite book characters.

Elementary and Secondary then wrapped it up with their own concerts: Elementary’s Music Concert and Secondary’s Band and Choir Concert.

Finally, our last day of school…senior students graduated as the class of 2022 and the rest of the students will be starting to a new grade next year!

See you again on August 10, 2022!