Weekly Roar

22 Nov 2021


As of Monday, 11/22 at 8am, the CMT is aware of 0 positive PCRs currently among GIS students and staff.

Home Isolation Update | cmt@gisthailand.org
For updates about the home isolation option in Hang Dong, please visit our COVID FAQ page.

Double Tax Deduction for Donations to GIS | finance@gisthailand.org
A few years ago, Grace applied for double tax deduction benefits for e-Donation, and our application was approved by the Thai Revenue Department. This means that donors (Thai or non-Thai) who pay income tax to the Thai government will be eligible for a double tax deduction (but not more than 10% of net income and other tax rebates) when they donate to the school using the e-Donation system. Donations can be made by scanning the relevant QR Code at our main reception desk or in the Finance, Elementary, or Secondary Offices, or simply scan the QR Code below through your mobile banking app. This extra benefit will continue to be effective only until December 31, 2021

Once you’ve made a donation, please remember to retain the transfer confirmation as evidence of your donation. If you need a hard copy donation receipt, you will need to bring your transfer confirmation to the Finance Office. Please contact finance@gisthailand.org if you have any questions.  

Vaccine Info | nurse@gisthailand.org
If you would like your student to get a flu vaccine at Dr. Kriengsak’s office for a reduced rate of 430 baht, please sign up here by Wednesday, November 24th at noon.

If you would like your 12-18 year old student to get a Pfizer vaccine, please complete this Google form.

If you need a COVID vaccine passport to travel internationally, take your vaccine record, passport, and ID card, as well as signed copies of each document to this Tuberculosis Center between 8:30am and 3:00pm. The cost is 50 baht and it will take approximately 5 days.


Tiger Pride Dress-Up Day | mkennedy@gisthailand.org
Elementary will be having a Tiger Pride Dress-up Day on Wednesday, November 24 to show our school spirit.  This month’s theme is CRAZY HAIR!  We aren’t talking just morning hair, although it is crazy sometimes, we are talking crazy hair!  Send us a picture of your child’s crazy hair and we’ll put the pictures together in a slideshow to share with all our elementary students.  Teachers, staff, and our student’s families are encouraged to show us their crazy hair too!  (Send photos to mkennedy@gisthailand.org before Monday, November 29)

Continuous Learning Art Site | vavera@gisthailand.org
Need a creative outlet?  Here is a link to the Continuous Learning Art Site. It can be accessed through your student’s GIS google account. These activities are not part of the required homework but are intended to refresh and inspire.  Questions? Contact:  vavera@gisthailand.org

MAP Assessments | mkennedy@gisthailand.org
Due to Continuous Learning, MAP Assessments for our 3rd – 6th grade students have been postponed until January/February 2022. 

Upcoming Holidays | mkennedy@gisthailand.org
There will be NO SCHOOL on the following dates:

Friday, November 26 

Monday, December 6

Friday, December 10 


Friday – No school | secondary.office@gisthailand.org
This week is a 4 day week. On Friday, 26 November, there is no school. Students have a 4 day week to complete your coursework. Enjoy your long weekend!

Continuous Learning Continues  | secondary.office@gisthailand.org
Teachers will have weekly checklists posted in their Google Classrooms by 9am this morning. Advisory Groups start @ 11am today. Live session classes are Monday to Thursday afternoons for up to 40 minutes per session. Encourage your children to step away from the computer during the 5 minute break between classes. Continue to watch for emails from CMT for updates on Continuous Learning.

Attendance | attendance@gisthailand.org 
Attendance will be taken in Advisory and all scheduled live classes. Please email attendance@gisthailand.org to report an absence during Continuous Learning including your child’s name, grade, and reason for absence.  See CL Handbook and PSMO Handbook for more info on attendance. 

Materials from Campus | secondary.office@gisthailand.org 
Secondary Students: If you need to come on campus to pick up necessary items from your locker, please reach out to secondary.office@gisthailand.org to schedule a time. Only the student will be allowed on campus. Please do not show up at the guardhouse unannounced. 

Continuous Learning Tips for Parents | secondary.office@gisthailand.org
Suggestions for parents to engage their child(ren) during Continuous Learning (Continuous Learning Handbook):

  • Have you made a schedule for the week based on scheduled class times and Advisory?
  • Tell me about your live classes…
  • Are you using your checklists to track your progress?
  • What class work might you be avoiding?
  • Tell me about what you accomplished for school today…
  • Are you communicating with teachers when you need to? (suggest office hours) Asking for help or clarification? 

Upcoming Dates | secondary.office@gisthailand.org 

Friday, November 26  – No School

Monday, December 6 – No School

Friday, December 10 – No School

Friday, December 17 – Last day of school before Christmas break


Spiritual Life Podcast | spirituallife@gisthailand.org
Madde Mauck and Jack Meckfessel in the Spiritual Life Department are hosting a new podcast called Getting There with Jack and Madde. This week’s episode (released on Friday, Nov. 19) is a conversation around friendship with the opposite gender. Available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Connect and Pray with Us | spirituallife@gisthailand.org
We know how hard it has been for students and families in this season. If you or your student would like to process with us and pray with us, we would love to schedule a time! Please email us through our Spiritual Life email. 

Resources for Students’ Faith Journeys| spirituallife@gisthailand.org
We’ve made some guided reflections available to help students connect with Jesus. They can find these resources on our Spiritual Life Website under “Student Tools.”


(Please see last week’s Roar)