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24 Aug 2020

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The Tiger Shop | finance@gisthailand.org
A couple of sizes of the new PE uniform shorts are out of stock at The Tiger Shop. We have placed an order for the missing sizes and will make an announcement once they arrive. Until they become available, for those students who cannot find their size, old-style navy PE shorts or black athletic shorts without logos will be considered in uniform for PE classes. Thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks in our transition to the new PE uniforms.

Professional Photography Service | marketing@gisthailand.org
We would like to notify you of an upcoming opportunity. Grace International School has partnered this year with a professional photography company called U Smile Kids. Their team will be on campus from September 7-11, 2020 to take our school photos this year. In that, they are offering after school photo sessions for family/students who are interested. Here is the information:
  • The photo session will be taken for free, however, there will be added cost when you order the pictures
    • The photoshoots are only for immediate GIS families, students, and staff
    • They can do family portraits, friend groups, visa photos, individual portraits, etc.
    • 10-minute time slots (sign up link here)
  • It is a studio set up so you will not be able to pick your location
  • Processing time is about 2 weeks after the day it was taken
  • U Smile Kids will send a catalog with your picture for you to put in an order
You are NOT obligated to order anything if you do not like how it turned out
Photo sessions will be offered on September 7-11, 2020 from 3:30 pm-5 pm in the Admin Building, 2nd Floor, Loft. Please show up at the Loft a couple of minutes before your session
If you have any questions please email: marketing@gisthailand.org


Elementary Clubs | mkennedy@gisthailand.org
Elementary Clubs for 3rd – 6th graders will begin Wednesday, September 9. A registration form with all club information will be e-mailed to parents on Tuesday, September 1.


Bell Schedule Change | secondary.office@gisthailand.org
Secondary is changing its bell schedule so that students and staff are able to eat lunch together without splitting into Lunch A & Lunch B. Here is the revised schedule and this will go into effect, starting TODAY (Monday, August 24).

Standardized Testing At GIS 2020-2021 | counselor@gisthailand.org
Following are the dates, as best as we know now, on which standardized tests will be proctored for GIS students. Testing at GIS is not available to students who are not enrolled in physical classes on the campus. AP testing is available only to students enrolled in the GIS AP course or the GIS Online Learning Lab class for the specific AP course. These dates can be viewed on the GIS Events Calendar and Secondary Activities calendar.


  • October 23: PSAT 8 (morning)
  • February 26: PSAT 10 (morning)
  • May 3-14: AP Tests


Secondary School Aides Wanted | jakhtar@gisthailand.org
Secondary is looking for substitute teachers.  If you have been a substitute in the past and are willing to be on our list againt, please contact the Substitute Coordinator, Jennifer Akhtar, at jakhtar@gisthailand.org

How to Report Absences | secondary.office@gisthailand.org
If a student is absent, a parent/guardian is expected to contact the office between 7:45 and 8:15 a.m. on the day of the absence.

Option 1. The parent/guardian can call 052 088 777.  Please call the school as soon as you know your child will not attend classes, but no later than 8:10 am on the day of the absence.  When you call, the office will register your call so that we have a record in our system of your parental acknowledgment of your child’s absence. 

Option 2. The parent/guardian can e-mail: attendance@gisthailand.org  and explain the reasons that the student is absentPlease email as soon as you know your child will not attend classes, but no later than 8:10 am on the day of the absence. Please include the whole name of the student(s) absent, the date(s) of the absence, and the reason/cause.

Unreported Absences. All absences not reported by 8:10 am on the day your child is absent, will be unexcused and trigger an automatic email. Unexcused absences may impact credits received. 

Planned Absences. Students planning to be absent 2+ days are to complete the Planned Absence Request Form, at least a week in advance, then students are responsible for obtaining and completing all work done/assigned during their absence within a timetable of one day for each day absent.


Back to School Website | secondary.office@gisthailand.org
As communicated previously, this new website was created as a resource for students and parents. Please do keep in mind our new hires will be arriving from their home countries at some point and thus there are several long-term subs teaching in their absence. 

Attention all Advanced Placement Students & Parents | counselor@gisthailand.org
Starting in 2019, the AP® Program introduced new resources and processes designed to help students earn college credit and placement. REQUIRED – all AP students need to sign up for an online College Board account. All College Board programs are connected through one account, so if your student created one for AP courses last year or the SAT®, they’re all set. They’ll just need to have their username and password available. Learn more at parents.collegeboard.org.


This week in athletics | athletics@gisthailand.org

Housekeeping: U8-U14 Athletics Uniform — there’s a slight problem with our jerseys and we’re trying to fix it ASAP. For now, please just wear PE uniforms!

Monday, Aug. 24
Varsity Girls Soccer Friendly Practice with JV Boys Soccer @4:00pm

Wednesday, Aug. 26
U14 Basketball “Rec League” @4:30pm\

Thursday, Aug.27
U12 Basketball “Rec League” @4:30pm

Friday, Aug. 28
Varsity Boys Volleyball Friendly Practice with V. Boys Soccer @4:00pm
Varsity Girls Volleyball Friendly Practice with Staff @ 4:00pm

Saturday, Aug. 29
Rec League Soccer @10:00am

For all friendly practices and Rec League events, students, staff and immediate family members are welcomed to come watch and cheer on your players!

For more information, please check out our website athletics.gisthailand.org