Weekly Roar

25 April 2022


COVID Booster Vaccines | nurse@gisthailand.org

If your student received a second COVID vaccine at least 4 months ago and you would like them to get a booster, you can sign up here by Thursday, April 28 at noon. We do not know the appointment dates yet. The vaccine sites require students who have had COVID to wait at least 1 month before getting a vaccine. For additional COVID related information, please visit our COVID FAQ site.

Prayer Walk on Wednesday | board.michael@gisthailand.org
We are looking forward to coming together to walk and pray for the Lord to continue to provide for our campus. We encourage you to join us starting at 8:40 AM. Water bottles will be provided and please bring umbrellas and hats during this hot season.


Upcoming Dates  | elementary.office@gisthailand.org
May 2 – No school
May 4 – No school
May 24 – Music Showcase (details to follow)
May 26 – Half day – early dismissal at 11:30
May 27 – Last day of school – Half day – early dismissal at 11:30

The elementary event calendar will be sent to parents very soon.

Tiger Pride Dress Up Day | elementary.office@gisthailand.org
Our next Tiger Pride Dress Up Day will be Friday, May 6 and our theme is Summer Days!  Students are encouraged to come to school dressed up in whatever they plan on doing this summer.  Is it riding their bike, painting, birdwatching, hiking or lounging by the pool?  Any fun summer clothes will do.  (No swimsuits, please)


AP Exams | counselor@gisthailand.org 
Review the email sent by Ms. Spohnhauer on April 21 concerning AP exams. It has important information for all parents to be aware of.

Visual Art Show | kmccall@gisthailand.org
On May 7th, we will be hosting our first in-person art show in three years!!! Artwork from students (grades K-12) will be exhibited in the cafeteria and it will be a show you don’t want to miss! Come admire the artwork and enjoy refreshments and live music! Everyone is invited – no tickets or RSVP necessary.

Teacher Feedback Surveys | mrandolph@gisthailand.org
Some secondary parents will receive surveys as part of our teacher evaluation process. Not every teacher is being formally evaluated this year. If you receive an email, it will include information about which teacher and which class they teach, so that you have clarity about the teacher you are providing feedback for. Please fill out the survey as soon as you are able.

Upcoming Dates 
April 29 – Speech & Debate Society
April 30 – AP Mock Exams
May 2 – No school
May 4 – No school


Chapel Core Team Recruiting | spirituallife@gisthailand.org
The Spiritual Life Office is recruiting student leaders for our Chapel Core Team. Students who are a part of Core Team have the opportunity to lead key elements of our chapel ministry and other Spiritual Life Office events. The Spiritual Life Office staff also deeply invests in the leadership abilities and spiritual maturity of these students. If your student is interested in learning more, have him or her contact any member of the Spiritual Life Office or one of the current Chapel Core Team members. Applications have been sent to your students’ email and are due tonight by 11:59pm. 

Free Access to Axis  | spirituallife@gisthailand.org
As a perk of being in the GIS community, you can have access to our Axis account. Axis has created a lot of great content geared towards helping teenagers navigate difficult subjects from pornography to gender identity. You can login to Axis by clicking HERE . Select “Already Done This” (see photo below) and use the following credentials: 

Login ID: finance@gisthailand.org

Password: Axis21-22!

Spiritual Life Podcast | spirituallife@gisthailand.org
This week’s episode (released on Friday, Apr. 21) is a conversation about what Jesus is doing now. Available wherever you listen to podcasts by searching “Getting There with Jack and Madde.”


This Week in Athletics | athletics@gisthailand.org
Just a friendly reminder that there are no fans allowed at CMAC games/tournaments. Thank you!

Monday, April 25
🏐   JV Boys Volleyball vs. PTIS @ PTIS 4:00pm (CMAC)
🏐   JV Girls Volleyball vs. PTIS @ GIS 4:00pm (CMAC)
🏐   V. Boys Volleyball vs. PTIS @ PTIS 4:00pm (CMAC)
🏐   V. Girls Volleyball vs. PTIS @ GIS 4:00pm (CMAC)
⚽️   V. Boys Soccer Tournament @ Saraphi 4:00pm

Tuesday, April 26

⚽️   V. Boys Soccer Tournament @ Saraphi 4:00pm

Wednesday, April 27
🏐   U14 Boys Volleyball vs. PTIS @ PTIS 4:00pm (CMAC)
🏐   U14 Girls Volleyball vs. PTIS @ PTIS 4:00pm (CMAC)

Thursday, April 28
🏐.  Varsity Boys and Girls Volleyball CMAC Tournament @ PTIS All Day (CMAC)
⚽️   V. Boys Soccer Tournament @ Saraphi 4:00pm

Friday, April 29
🏐   JV Boys Volleyball CMAC Tournament @ PTIS All Day (CMAC)
🏐   JV Girls Volleyball CMAC Tournament @ CMIS All Day (CMAC)
⚽️   V. Boys Soccer Tournament @ Saraphi 4:00pm
⚽️   V. Girls Soccer SENIOR NIGHT vs. moms/staff @ Grace 4:00pm

Saturday, April 30
If you have a U12 – U14 boy who’s interested in playing basketball, Nathan Clifton will be hosting a basketball clinic at Grace from 9:00-11:00am. Please sign up here. For questions/more information, please email nclifton@gisthailand.org.

Educational Support

    #different not less #accept #understand #love

The core symptoms of autism are:

  • social communication challenges and
  • restricted, repetitive behaviors.

Symptoms of autism may:

  • begin in early childhood (though they may go unrecognized)
  • persist and
  • interfere with daily living.

Specialized healthcare providers diagnose autism using a checklist of criteria in the two categories above. They also assess autism symptom severity. Autism’s severity scale reflects how much support a person needs for daily function.

Many people with autism have sensory issues. These typically involve over- or under-sensitivities to sounds, lights, touch, tastes, smells, pain and other stimuli.

Autism is also associated with high rates of certain physical and mental health conditions.

Source: https://www.autismspeaks.org/what-are-symptoms-autism