Weekly Roar

28 Mar 2022


Survey for Superintendent’s Monitoring Report2.2 | superintendents.office@gisthailand.org
Last week (Mar 24) we sent out a brief survey which has to do with how well GIS provides conditions that are safe, biblically balanced, dignified, and fair.  I’d like to thank you all for the overwhelming response. If you haven’t already done so, kindly complete the survey HERE

Thank you for your support.

COVID Updates | cmt@gisthailand.org
Going forward, we will only be contact tracing exposure of cases that happen on campus. For all the latest COVID details, click here for our COVID FAQs.




March’s Annual Book Character Parade | elementary.office@gisthailand.org
All elementary students and staff are encouraged to dress up like a book character on March 31 at 8:30 am.  Parents are allowed to be spectators for our parade. The designated viewing areas are on the ground floor in the center of the elementary atrium, the grassy area between the elementary building and the cafeteria and inside the cafeteria. If your child chooses not to participate that day, they will be expected to dress in the normal GIS school uniform but they will still be allowed to walk in the parade with the rest of the students.  


Weekly Self-Assessment Survey | cmt@gisthailand.org 
Remind your child(ren) in Secondary to fill out the Self-Assessment Survey (SAS) out every  weekend. It is due by 9pm on Sunday.

Attendance | attendance@gisthailand.org
If your student will be late or not attend class for any reason, please email attendance@gisthailand.org

If your student will be home for 5 or more days due to testing positive for COVID or quarantine, your student can be a part of the Home Learning. Email both the nurse@gisthailand.org AND attendance@gisthailand.org 

If the time remaining is already less than 5 school days, please inform the office at attendance@gisthailand.org as you would for any type of attendance issue.

Grade 7 Elective Course Selection Meeting | counselor@gisthailand.org 
On Monday, April 4th, Grade 7 students will have a class meeting to discuss Grade 8 electives. They will receive a customized handout that shows them what 8th-grade elective classes will fulfill their graduation requirements. Please, use this handout when choosing elective classes for the next school year.

Teacher Feedback Surveys | mrandolph@gisthailand.org
Some secondary parents will receive surveys as part of our teacher evaluation process. Not every teacher is being formally evaluated this year. If you receive an email, it will include information about which teacher and which class they teach, so that you have clarity about the teacher you are providing feedback for. Please fill out the survey as soon as you are able.

AP Mock Exams | secondary.office@gisthailand.org 
During the month of April students in AP courses have an opportunity to take mock AP exams. These mock exams are scheduled on Saturdays throughout April to prepare our students for the official exams in the beginning of May. See the Secondary calendar for the schedule. 

Upcoming Dates – Note the change in Assembly Days
March 28 – Regular A Day
March 29 – Regular B Day
                  – Art Club
March 31 – Assembly Day
April 1 – Regular E Day
             – Speech & Debate Society
             – Eligibility Grade Check
April 5 – Grade 6 Orientation


Faith and Sexuality Assemblies | spirituallife@gisthailand.org
Because of the current circumstances related to COVID, we will be moving our secondary assemblies on Faith and Sexuality from Monday and Tuesday (March 28th and 29th) to Thursday and Friday (March 31st and April 1st). We will be sharing more resources later this week with parents as we begin this conversation with our secondary students. 

Spiritual Life Podcast | spirituallife@gisthailand.org
We are beginning a new series exploring characteristics of Jesus. This week’s episode (released on Friday, Mar. 25) is about Jesus’ gentleness. Available wherever you listen to podcasts by searching “Getting There with Jack and Madde.”


This Week in Athletics | athletics@gisthailand.org
Last week we had so much competing in our first official games of the volleyball season! Thank you to all the fans who came out to cheer, the parents who drove our athletes to CMIS and to the coaches for investing in our students.

However, we’ve got some bad news for the fans. After clearing up some misunderstandings, it was concluded that we are not allowed to have fans (except for students) at any home or away CMAC games. We are allowed to have fans at any games where we play Thai teams. So, for example, if you are here to watch a soccer game vs. a Thai team while our volleyball teams are playing a CMAC game, we ask that you respect our conference rules and try to stay on the field as much as possible. 

We know that this isn’t ideal, but thank you for being flexible.

Tuesday, March 29
🏐   U14 Girls Volleyball vs. Lanna @ GIS 4:00pm
🏐   V. Boys Volleyball vs. Polytechnic @ GIS 4:00pm
⚽️   V. Boys Soccer vs. Vachiralai U15 @ GIS 4:00pm
🏐   U14 Boys Volleyball vs. Lanna @ LIST Primary (New) Campus 4:30pm

Thursday, March 31
🏐   JV Girls Volleyball vs. Lanna @ GIS 4:00pm
🏐   JV Boys Volleyball vs. Lanna @ LIST Primary (New) Campus 4:30pm

Friday, April 1
🏐.  Prem Varsity Volleyball Invitationals Day 1 @ PTIS

Saturday, April 2
🏐   Prem Varsity Volleyball Invitationals Day 2 @ PTIS

For more information and/or if you need directions, please visit our website athletics.gisthailand.org


World Autism Acceptance Week 2022 is March 28 – April 3.