Weekly Roar

29 Nov 2021


As of Monday, 11/29 at 8am, the CMT is aware of 0 positive PCRs currently among GIS students and staff.

Vaccine Info | nurse@gisthailand.org
If you would like your 12-18 year old student to get a Pfizer vaccine, please complete this Google form.


(Please see last week’s Roar)


Continuous Learning Continues  | secondary.office@gisthailand.org
Teachers will have weekly checklists posted in their Google Classrooms by 9am this morning. Advisory Groups start @ 11am today. Live session classes are Monday to Thursday afternoons for up to 40 minutes per session. Encourage your children to step away from the computer during the 5 minute break between classes. Continue to watch for emails from CMT for updates on Continuous Learning.

Attendance | attendance@gisthailand.org 
Attendance will be taken in Advisory and all scheduled live classes. Please email attendance@gisthailand.org to report an absence during Continuous Learning including your child’s name, grade, and reason for absence.  See CL Handbook and PSMO Handbook for more info on attendance. 

Materials from Campus | secondary.office@gisthailand.org 
Secondary Students: If you need to come on campus to pick up necessary items from your locker, please reach out to secondary.office@gisthailand.org to schedule a time. Only the student will be allowed on campus. Please do not show up at the guardhouse unannounced. 

Continuous Learning Tips for Parents | secondary.office@gisthailand.org
Suggestions for parents to engage their child(ren) during Continuous Learning (Continuous Learning Handbook):

  • Have you made a schedule for the week based on scheduled class times and Advisory?
  • Tell me about your live classes…
  • Are you using your checklists to track your progress?
  • What class work might you be avoiding?
  • Tell me about what you accomplished for school today…
  • Are you communicating with teachers when you need to? (suggest office hours) Asking for help or clarification? 

Upcoming Dates | secondary.office@gisthailand.org 

Monday, December 6 – No School

Thursday, December 9 – Eligibility Grade Check

Friday, December 10 – No School

Friday, December 17 – Last day of school before Christmas break

Thursday, January 6 – First Day of Semester 2


GIS Advent Podcast | spirituallife@gisthailand.org
It’s that time of year! Our fourth annual Advent Podcast will begin streaming on Sunday, November 28. Through student, staff, and community member stories; we hope this podcast will encourage you to prepare your hearts to celebrate Jesus’ birth this Christmas season! Available anywhere you listen to podcasts by searching “GIS Advent Podcast.”

Spiritual Life Podcast | spirituallife@gisthailand.org
Madde Mauck and Jack Meckfessel in the Spiritual Life Department are hosting a podcast called Getting There with Jack and Madde. This week’s episode (released on Friday, Nov. 25) is a conversation about mentorship. Available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Resources for Students’ Faith Journeys| spirituallife@gisthailand.org
We’ve made some guided reflections available to help students connect with Jesus. They can find these resources on our Spiritual Life Website under “Student Tools.”


If you’re wanting to plan ahead, next week (Monday, Dec.6 — NO SCHOOL DAY & Tuesday, Dec.7th) are both Nic’s Night!! Not only will a percentage of your bill go to Grace, with every order you also get a healthy, made to order, fresh pressed carrot juice!