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3 May 2021

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GIS Library Book Salelibrary@gisthailand.org
The GIS Library will be open in a limited way on May 5, 2021. From 8:30 AM – 12 PM, parents and secondary students may enter the library for returns and checkouts. The number of patrons allowed in the library at any one time is 20, so there may be a wait. 

If you want to return books only, we will have return boxes outside the library doors (and at the guard house for parents who are not entering the campus). Please bring your books back if you are finished with them.



General Announcement |  secondaryoffice@gisthailand.org

Given the situation, we are making various plans for both in-person and online for our typical year end events such as, Awards Day, Senior Blessing and Candle Lighting, and Graduation. We will send out details once we know more!



Reminder: Attendance in Continuous Learning |  attendance@gisthailand.org

Attendance will be taken during live sessions in the afternoon and during Advisory. Teachers will provide instructions on how to join these lives sessions in their weekly checklists. Your student will need to attend a mandatory live session that a teacher will conduct in order to be marked present. Note: Teacher’s may choose to not have a live session, in which case there would be no attendance for that class on that day.



Communication |  secondaryoffice@gisthailand.org

If you have any questions regarding the coursework for your student, then please contact the teacher in question. If your student is having any issues with their classes, please contact the relevant teacher first and they will be able to assist you directly. Teacher office hours are 9 AM to 4 PM.



Continuous Learning – Week 3 | secondaryoffice@gisthailand.org

Wednesday, May 5 @9am –  Secondary students can expect their weekly checklists posted in Google Classroom for all courses they are enrolled in. Suggestions for parents to engage their child(ren) during continuous learning:

  • Have you made a schedule for the week based on scheduled class times and Advisory?
  • Tell me about your live classes…
  • Are you using your checklists to track your progress?
  • What work might you be avoiding?
  • Tell me about what you accomplished for school today…
  • Are you communicating with teachers when you need to? (suggest office hours) Asking for help or clarification?


Student Council Elections |  joshmckeown@gisthailand.org

Due to Continuous Learning online, Student Council elections will be done virtually and this will include the speeches. Students will be sent specific instructions through the weekly student announcements on the morning of Wednesday, May 5, including deadlines for the applications, and the lengths of the videos, and when and how these will be released for voting.


The Student Council is looking for various candidates with leadership, creativity, and confidence, and hope to see many applications for the upcoming school year of 2021-2022!


Mark your Calendars with Upcoming Events | secondary.office@gisthailand.org

  • May 5 – 7: Continuous Learning



Online Chapel | spirituallife@gisthailand.org

You can tune in to Secondary online chapel this Friday to hear a talk on Spiritual Habits. The link to Chapel will be sent out to Secondary students on Friday and it will also be available on our Spiritual Life Instagram page


Wednesday Prayer Time | spirituallife@gisthailand.org

We will have an online time of prayer time for our Secondary students on Wednesday from 12:00-12:20pm. The link to this meeting has been sent through the Secondary weekly email. 


RightNow Media | spirituallife@gisthailand.org

If you would like access to a free RightNow Media account, send us an email. RightNow Media is a library of Christian videos, Bible studies, and other resources.



This Week in Athletics | athletics@gisthailand.org

Monday, May 3

🥤 Nic’s Night — for every Grace guest you get a free Thai Tea — orange, green, iced, blended, etc!

Tuesday, May 4

🥤 Nic’s Night — for every Grace guest you get a free Thai Tea — orange, green, iced, blended, etc!

Other Announcements:

Save the date for Saturday, May 15th and join us for our second virtual Sports Award! More details and a link to come.


For more details and information, please check our website athletics.gisthailand.org