Information Technology in the Classroom

GIS implemented a Chromebook 1:1 program in August 2016.  Please find all the pertinent details below.

Chromebook 1:1 Program


Technology is reshaping our world – the ways we work, how we create and consume information, and how we interact. In schools, skillful incorporation of technology into teaching and learning offers the possibility of more instructional choices for teachers and improved outcomes for students, particularly in the areas of collaboration, communication, and creativity (21st Century Skills).


Grace International School  continually evaluates how well we are preparing our students for their  tomorrow. Thus at the end of the 2015-2016 school year, GIS made a philosophical change in the way technology is utilized in our Secondary School.  As such, we instituted a 1:1 chromebook program. The reason for this change was to provide the 1:1 technology resources that are necessary to effectively integrate technology into curriculum and instruction in order to improve student learning, increase learning opportunities, and encourage the use of different and innovative teaching methods.  Our vision is a student-centric learning environment where the use of modern technology is routine, transparent, and supports curricular goals & 21st Century Skills. Continue reading for information, including different options for participation in the program… 

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