Grace International School is a post-Secondary preparatory school with a foundation in the United States educational system. This system grants credits earned for courses successfully passed according to the Carnegie credit allocation system. Grades are determined by teachers in subject courses during the term.  Although our curriculum is U.S.-based, we are a Christian international school and seek to meet the needs of our diverse student body. 

GIS seeks to help all our students to be well-educated and prepared to transition to postsecondary educational institutions and plans whether in their passport country or wherever they desire to pursue these plans. As a result, students may choose to follow additional recommendations which will best support their plans for education after graduation from GIS. When making an Academic Plan, students will be asked about their postsecondary plans to help inform their course options.

At GIS, one credit is equivalent to one year. A semester-long course will earn a student .5 credits. Students need to complete 24 credits in order to earn a Diploma from Grace International School. Full-time enrollment requires a minimum of five instructional classes per semester, Study Hall and Student Aide/Teacher’s Assistant are not instructional classes.   

The following are the graduation requirements for a GIS diploma:  (Please refer to the Secondary Academic Program Handbook for a suggested four-year progression toward the GIS diploma)

*In any given year, some AP courses may not be offered due to teacher availability or low student enrollment.

Recommendations for students NOT headed to the USA after graduation:
Parents and students should research the policies of their country and specific university policies for their country to find out what courses they need to take and what AP scores will count for admission. Follow the college-prep recommendations listed above with the following augmentations:

  • 4 Maths
  • 4+ AP courses & exams

Rationale for Specific Graduation Requirements
As a Christian school, our religious studies courses are essential to fulfilling our mission and vision, to achieving our Global Objectives for All Learners (GOALs), and to keeping in accordance with ACSI accreditation policies.

The health course instructs students in information that is not included elsewhere in the curriculum and fulfills our GOALs of maintaining balanced, healthy lifestyles; exhibiting biblical self-esteem; and developing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships.