The Spiritual Life Division (SLD) at GIS exists to cultivate students of Christ-like character and values, and to challenge them to transform their generation.

GIS provides a rich partnership between parents, teachers, and the local church to educate our students in the ways of God. Staff and teachers at GIS consider the spiritual development of our students just as important as their academic or physical development and encourage students to ask them questions about God and life. While academics, sports, extra-curricular activities aid students in becoming well-rounded, healthy citizens of the world, we see every aspect of our lives as an opportunity to integrate Biblical teachings and emulate the example of Jesus.

Many GIS students come from Christian homes, but we urge those students to dig even deeper and make following Jesus Christ their own life-long pursuit. For students who have not yet chosen to follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior, we hope that through our regular, daily proclamation of the Christian faith in word and deed, these students will observe and desire to share in the joy of following Jesus for themselves.

The SLD has coordinated a set of programs and events that will inspire GIS students in strengthening their belief and faith in God. These include:

  • Weekly, student led secondary and elementary chapelsĀ 
  • Student Leadership Development
  • Student Chapel Worship Bands
  • Secondary and Elementary Spiritual Emphasis Weeks