Acceptance Package

If you have received an acceptance letter and paid your entrance fee, then welcome to the Grace family! In addition to information that will be emailed from our registrar, you’ll find helpful information below, to help you navigate through joining a new school.

For All Students

  • Welcome Packet
    In this packet you will find “Answers to Frequently Asked Questions,” our “Guide to Paying Fees,” “Visa requirements,” and a “School Calendar”  See  Welcome Packet
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    See the New Student FAQs on our Admissions FAQ page.
  • Uniform Shop and Dress Code
    For details about the uniform policies and dress code, please click
  • Transition Booklet
    This booklet has helpful information, as your family transitions to the unique culture of Thailand and Grace. Transition Booklet
  • Sports Overview
    This letter from “Parents Aligned With Sports” (PAWS) gives an introduction to the sports culture and offerings at GIS Sports At GIS Overview


High School Students

  • Understanding GIS Education
    This booklet includes Graduation Requirements, A Guide to Grades, Information on Standardized Tests, Accreditation Credentials, and the list Common High School Mistakes Understanding GIS Education Booklet
  • Course Catalog
    This course guide lists all the high school courses offered in the current school year. [Download here]
  • Course Request Form
    Go to this link to download the form to request HS classes for next school year