GIS Secondary - Weekly Program Descriptions


Intentional, personal, whole-student care through a connection with a GIS staff member who will walk alongside and help students flourish within the context of the GIS Secondary. This is accomplished through building relationships while focusing on academics, spirituality, emotional, and social topics in group meetings.

Who: All full-time students grades 7-12                      Frequency: 2x/ week for 25 minutes


Provide a common study hall time which affords students the opportunity to make up work, meet with faculty & staff and/or receive tutoring from teachers.

Who: All full-time students grades 7-12                      Frequency: 1-2x/ week for 25 minutes


A common time in the school week set apart for students within each grade level to build community, interact with class leaders (StuCo and others), receive information and give feedback (including completing surveys), and to participate in planning for Secondary community events (Ministry Day, service, GIS class events, etc.)

Who: All full-time students grades 7-12 & Extension Services students with Approval of the ESD Director & Secondary Principal 

Frequency: 2x/month for 25 minutes