Band and Choir info


The dress for both High School Band and Middle School Band is black and white.  That is black slacks for both males and females and white dress type shirts (that is with buttons and preferably not white uniform shirts).  For Jazz Band it is their Jazz Band Shirts and black slacks. For 6th grade when they play is their white uniform shirts with their dark slacks/ shorts.  Again not skirts.

All Choirs

Remember, being in a choir is about blending in. Just like we don’t want anyone’s voice to stick out when we sing, we don’t want anyone to stand out because of their clothing or accessories. We should sound and look like a unified group.

7-8th Choir

The dress for 7-8th Choir is black and white.  That is black slacks for both males and females (females may wear a long black skirt as an alternative to slacks) and white dress-type shirts (that is with a collar and buttons and preferably not white uniform shirts).  No ties required.


High School Choir

Girls – what to wear:

Girls – what NOT to wear:

Boys – what to wear:

Boys – what NOT to wear:

As an additional note, choir dresses are custom made at the beginning of the school year and cost around 800 baht. There are usually a few spare dresses that past members return. If someone takes one of those, there’s no charge. Chanson members are given a green tie or a green sash to sew onto their dresses over the white waistband. Otherwise their concert attire is the same as for high school choir.