GIS Glossary

A definition of acronyms and terms used at GIS

ACT American standardized test required for entrance to university.
Advanced Placement (AP) These courses are equivalent to university courses. Most American universities and many outside the United States grant university credit to students who score well on the external exam at the end of the year.
Bake Sale Fundraiser hosted by PSC. Designated parents bake treats to sell at school, 4 times during the year.
Book Fair a book company comes once a year and brings a wide selection of books for all ages which can be purchased at school.
College Post-secondary education institution; may refer to university or division of a university.
Educational Support The department at GIS which provides educational help and support to students and parents.
Elementary Kindergarten through grade 6.
Emergency Text (SMS) If there is an emergency or a school closure, all parents should receive an emergency text from school administrators.
Extra-Curricular Activities that happen outside the school day and are not required.
Faculty Teachers
Family Home Weekend Weekends (one per semester) set aside for families and dorms to be able to have their own activities without having to work around school activities. No schedules school activities after 5:00 PM on Friday through the weekend.
Fireside worship time all secondary students (staff and parents invited, too) come for a campfire worship time and reflection on what God has been doing in their lives. Students express their thanks for God or share their anxieties etc. Members of HS Chapel Band lead the worship time.
Fine Arts also creative and expressive arts – music, art, and drama.
Freshman Ninth grade
GIS Grace International School
Graduation The evening program at the end of the year in which diplomas are handed to students who have completed grade 12. The semi-formal affair includes student and guest speakers and is usually followed by a reception.
Hume Lake a Christian camp from the US comes to Thailand and puts on two camps every other year, for middle school and high school students.
High School Grades 9-12
Interscholastic Involving two or more schools
Jumper A girl’s dress worn over a blouse or shirt
Junior Eleventh grade
Junior Varsity(JV) U16 team, members must be under 16 years of age on August 1st of the current school year
Language arts English classes
Loft The teacher’s lounge and work area. Offices and cubicles are also located near and in the Loft.
Middle school Grades 7-8
Music Mania Secondary students form musical groups and audition for this concert event with a prize of 2000 baht for the winning group.
PAWS Parents Aligned With Sports. This is an organization which supports the athletic department at GIS through fundraisers and by providing food at games and tournaments.
PSC Parent Staff Community. All GIS parents are part of the PSC, whose goals are to foster community, facilitate healthy communication between staff and parents, and encourage teachers and staff.
PSMO Parent, Student, & Member Organization Handbook
Renweb School wide online Application used to communicate important school information, including school directory, class schedules, student handbook, etc.
SAT American standardized test required for entrance to university.
SAW Staff Appreciation Week, a week in which the teachers are honored and thanked by parents for all they do.
SEW Spiritual Emphasis Week
Secondary Grades -7-12
Senior Twelfth grade
SLO Spiritual Life Office
Social Studies History, geography
Sophomore Tenth grade
StuCo Student Council
Tiger Pride Week Secondary students dress in different themed outfits each day to show their school pride.
Undershirt a garment worn under the visible shirt
Uniform Shop School uniforms are sold here.
Varsity U20 team members must be under 20 years old on August 1st of the current school year
Weekly Roar weekly email sent out to all parents which highlights upcoming events and important information.