The Student Council at Grace International School exists to serve both students and staff. It promotes the general welfare of the student body, seeks to build school spirit, and encourages high standards of Christian character. The Student Council consists of two members elected from each grade level (7th-12th), three officers, and two staff sponsors. Together, they organize dances, parties, theme weeks and music events to strengthen the unity, spirit, and character of our student body. Across events, StuCo partners with the Spiritual Life Office to donate part of its profits to ministry.

Events to build unity include Tiger Pride Week, where students dress up according to a daily theme, and The Kick-Off, a night of wild games to welcome students back to school. Student Council dances, thrown for high school students twice a year, promote high standards of Christian character by encouraging social development in ways that honor God, while parallel middle school parties offer fun and games to 7th and 8th graders.

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