October 2019

Grace In Action
October 2019

“I have never heard the Lord speak to me,”

Students in Emily’s 6th grade class recently shared.

Such a statement from the class touched her and gave her insight at how the Lord might use her to speak for Him. Grace International School would be the Lord’s platform to use teachers like Emily to demonstrate his presence and care.

The Lord planted a seed in Emily’s heart for missions through her church in Virginia and her family’s hosting of missionaries. Majoring in elementary education, Emily continued to pour energy into the local body in order to hone her skills for wherever she might be called.

Emily waited impatiently for where the Lord wanted her to serve. She sought out opportunities, but the lack of peace in her spirit signaled it might not be what the Lord wanted–He didn’t seem to be speaking to her.

Then this past summer, the Lord placed a stranger in her path as Emily and her church missions team waited in line to board a plane bound for Chiang Mai, Thailand. “This Jesus-loving lady, heading to do ministry in Thailand, asked to pray for our group. My team leader specifically asked her to pray for me,” Emily shared.

After praying, the lady spoke to Emily. “He’s gonna give you a big heart for Asia. Oh yeah, and I just feel like you’re not supposed to start looking for the connections cause you’re the kind of person that looks for connections. Right?”

“Yeah!” Emily agreed. She let the incident go and 14-hours later in the Thai immigration line, the Lord made the connection for her.

Emily’s team leader Steve, curious about the Florida State shirt of Grace International School’s Deputy Superintendent of Academics, Joe Crain, started a series of conversations during the 90-minute wait in line. Steve shared he had a team member who was actively looking to serve overseas. Joe then offered to meet Emily and gave her a tour at the new campus, even showing Emily her potential classroom.

During a week of ministering with her church team, Emily began to notice a change in her heart for Thailand, accompanied with a sense of peace that had not been present with other opportunities. The Lord was speaking to her, and within two months landed at Grace International School.

Emily’s sixth graders may not have heard from the Lord directly yet, but He has heard them and through their teacher, He is showing them how to listen.

Your continued investment enables teachers like Emily to be the hands and feet of Jesus – – in this case, she was his mouthpiece to a class of six graders.

Grace International School exists to enable international Christian workers to remain in their field
of service by providing for the educational needs of their children.

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